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Parent - Teacher Organization

Parent-Teacher Organization


 Suzanne Sotin – President

Tei Anna Osborn – Vice-President

Samantha Moore – Treasurer

 Aburee Wosser Lozano – Secretary

Rusti Brandvold – Book Fair Liason

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About Heyburn PTO

Heyburn Volunteer Form

1. What is the Heyburn PTO?

Heyburn PTO is a committee that strives to involve the parents, teachers and students in activities that better the academic goals of the Heyburn. We provide an environment were parents and teachers can have an active voice. We organize fundraisers to purchase equipment that staff has requested to help improve the learning experience for students

2. How many are involved with the organization?

We have a Board that consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Teacher Liaison who oversee/approve everything that the committee chairpersons participate in. We have approximately 15 committees that each have a Chairperson and an additional 5-15 volunteers for each committee.

3. How long has the Heyburn PTO been around?

There has been an active PTO of some capacity probably ever since the Heyburn School opened its doors. Parents have always been very supportive and an important part of our school and involved in the education/events of their children. PTO is a hands on way to be more involved.

4. What are the goals of the Heyburn PTO?

Our purpose is to raise funds for the additional support needed in the classroom for specially requested events/projects.

5. Why would you encourage someone to join the Heyburn PTO and are there membership requirements?

Currently, the only requirement for being a member is your willingness to be a volunteer! We are always looking for new fun ways to keep the smiles on the students and staff faces and welcome ANY and ALL new ideas. WE have many different committees and a person can sign up based on their availability. Anything from baking cookies once a year to being a coordinator of an event!

6. Are you looking for new members/ volunteers and what type of time commitment can someone expect?

Heyburn PTO is always looking for new volunteers and fresh faces and new ideas!! If you would like to help out with the education of our children and be involved in some of the fun activities that PTO organizes, THIS IS YOUR SPOT!

7. What projects has the Heyburn PTO accomplished in the past years?

In the past, some of the things PTO has funded include: ELMO projectors in classrooms, field trips, the climbing wall in the gym and playground equipment. PTO also funds special projects every year in the classrooms, such as books for the classrooms and students, butterflies in 1st grade, special arts/crafts projects, and science lab equipment to name a few.

8. How does the PTO get its funds?

Heyburn PTO gets its funds from donations and fundraising.

9. What projects and fundraisers are currently in the works?

Currently, PTO is trying to raise funds for a web-based Accelerated Reading program that will be available to every child in grades 1 through 5. The program will cost about $2000 for the initial start up and about $1300 to maintain every year.

10. What is something someone may not know about the organization?

You can choose to be as involved as you want and you DON'T have to attend meetings!! Just let us know what you are interested in and the only time you will be contacted is just for that!